Charming as it may be, Covington (and the state of Louisiana) tends to skimp on its road repair.  In fact, local news sources in the Lakeview community of New Orleans quip that, “astronauts could practice navigating on the moon by avoiding the craters on Catina Street.”  Since it’s not good parenting to rattle your baby’s little brain on his morning stroll, we scrapped the stroller and whipped out our Ergo Baby Carrier.  It’s a win-win: you get exercise, your child gets to steer his own beast of burden.

Truthfully, however, we are on the lookout for a new carrier.  The Ergo is comfortable, washable, attractive, and cozy for infants.  If you have a growing child who prefers to face outward but isn’t yet big enough to straddle the pack, however, it’s not your best choice.  Simon sits froggy-style in the pack and his feet constantly poke through the bottom of the waistband and push my pants down.  Not my classiest look.

We’ll update you on our research findings.


Simon calls the shots from his carrier.


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