Hit me with your best shot

Simon during a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of adorableness.

Simon during a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment of adorableness.

What is the one thing more important than raising your child? Clearly, it is documenting every single second of his life with photos, videos, and ultra-def 3D capture so friends, relatives, and enthusiastic co-workers can confirm that your little bundle of joy is the most adorable to ever grace the planet. And the best way to document is–without a doubt–the Nikanon Technotron XL9500. It provides 3300x optical zoom, optimizes lighting with seven separate sensors, and even comes with its own wheeled road case.

Okay, so I made up the Nikanon Technotron XL9500.  While I have no doubt that a camera by that name would be exceedingly special, it is important to remember you are a parent taking pictures of your child in the tub–not Ansel Adams in Yosemite.  Especially during the first months, you will be carrying what amounts to a small campsite with you everywhere you go, and the last thing you need is yet another bulky, single-function item.

Now, I say this as someone who absolutely loves photography.  While nothing too fancy, I have a SLR that I have carted around on all our pre-Simon adventures that takes great pictures and has given me the slightest air of camera snobbery around those who don’t know any better.  I do love my camera, but have only used it once for Christmas card photos since Simon’s birth.

The best piece of photography advice I received was that “the best camera is the one you have with you.”  With your hands full of baby and baby accoutrements, a camera hidden inside your phone is a pretty nifty invention.  Two weeks before Simon was born, I shelled out for my first fancy smart phone (iPhone 5S), and we have been beyond pleased with the quality of the pictures and video we have captured.  Most fancy phones also now make it simple to quickly share great moments with your babe’s adoring fanbase (check out the Photostream app–President Obama uses one through flickr).  Lifelong memories and immediate gratification…what’s not to love?

Good luck taking family selfies with an SLR

Good luck taking family selfies with an SLR.




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