Ode to the mighty Keyfit Caddy

When it comes to first impressions, the KeyFit Caddy stroller can usually fetch an, “Oh, that’s smart,” or, “How marvelously convenient”–but it is never going to spur a, “Holy smokes, Batman!  That elegant feat of engineering is going to stand the test of time!”  If the Caddy ran into our BOB stroller in the locker room, it’d surely get a wedgie and a swirlie.

Simon enjoying the Caddy’s smooth ride right before we flex our new-parent biceps and haul him up a couple flights of stairs.

After six months of hauling it through airport security, cramming it in over-stuffed car trunks, and precariously wedging it in a train luggage rack, however, we empathize with Mr. Dangerfield.


Its rickety plastic and aluminum frame, glorified shopping cart wheels, and Yugo-inspired lines have conquered cobblestone streets and unpaved trails with nary a complaint.  It is light enough to single-handedly carry up a flight of stairs (this counts as an upper-body circuit), and its roomy (and zipper-extendable) undercarriage provides convenient and pickpocket-resistant storage for the entire contents of your nursery.  It is also compatible with many brands of car seats.

While navigating overcrowded museums, restaurants, and public transit, I can even collapse its handle and easily maneuver the stroller with the car seat handle. Taking up that much less space and being that much closer to our babe is very comforting when surrounded by Mona Lisa fans out for blood.

After snoozing across cobblestone streets, unpaved pathways, and a bus ride, Simon wakes in front of the Louvre.

p.s. Not only will a stroller get you to the front of the line at the Louvre, but it will also get you a ride on one of the cooler elevators I’ve seen.





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