…So I’ll Follow the Sun

As a relatively new member of the retail industry’s most coveted demographic, I’m still trying to figure out my “because you’re worth it” threshold: organic vegetables from Whole Foods to steam, puree, and scrape out of Simon’s neck folds, yes.  Baby toupee, no.  (I think?  Right?  Good parenting decision?)

In particular, and as summertime approaches, I’m drawn to any and all promises to shield our lily-white babe’s unsullied skin from the sun.   I fry like a potato chip when standing near a window, and while Simon has thankfully inherited his father’s good looks, that ghostly glow is all me.

Accordingly, we’ve invested in a whole range of brimmed hats.  Fashion, meet function.

Simon wears the over 85 look quite well.

Simon wears the over 85 look quite well.

When I take Simon for a walk in the mornings, I leave on his footie pajamas to protect his legs, feet, and arms.  I also cover his hands with newborn socks–it’s still fairly chilly here in D.C., and he likes to gum the cotton for his breakfast dessert.  Those adorably minuscule things never fit his feet, anyway.

Applying sunblock to your child's face is like ***.

Applying sunblock to your child’s face is like trying to braid a squid’s hair.  What?  Yes.

Speaking of sunblock, we’ve had good luck with Badger Baby Sunscreen Cream–our doctor recommended something with zinc oxide, and so far Simon’s eczema-prone skin has responded fine to it.  No nasty oxybenzone, and its inactive ingredients (sunflower oil, beeswax, seabuckthorn, calendula) are 98% organic.  Will that lingering 2% lead to some epidermal aberration?  We promise to report back if he sprouts wings.


From the Badger Balm website: “The badger is a healing totem…fierce and effective in defense of the self and family and persistent in overcoming blah blah blah.”  Whatever, I likey.

I’ve contemplated purchasing these sunscreen towlettes for convenient, compact, on-the-go sun protection.  Simon giggles when we wipe his bum, so I’d anticipate these smart cloths would launch a real party.  But we’re already using enough disposable badness, and reviews of their efficacy are mixed, and Holy 401(k), Batman!  $26 for 20 applications?!?  Again, we’ll report back if we cave.

For extra coverage when he’s stroller-bound, we use the Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover.  It has a reflective pull-down shade for those sunny equatorial adventures or impulse fro-yo outings at high noon.  Also good on rainy London days.

This woman appears extraordinarily happy to be providing her child with effective sun protection.

This woman appears extraordinarily happy to be providing her child with effective sun protection.

Finally, in preparation for summertime pool play–and, apparently, with high hopes for Simon’s social calendar–a dear friend gifted our water baby a rash guard with a side of animal magnetism.

rash guard

Or gents, as the case may be.


One thought on “…So I’ll Follow the Sun

  1. Balancing good product choice with price is ridiculously tough (not to mention the balance between “this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!” with “I really need to be able to retire some day”). For sunscreen, we came down on the side of a slightly pricier one (Blue Lizard…http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Lizard-Australian-SUNSCREEN-8-75-Ounces/dp/B000AU15E0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1398372735&sr=8-2&keywords=blue+lizard), but it works amazingly well for Monkey’s super white, eczema-prone skin. After realizing how amazing it was, we managed to get a slightly better price when we bought in bulk, although we now have enough to last him and Weeble well into their tween years. If you have any problems with your current sunscreen, you might want to try Blue Lizard.

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